Searching for village of origin of my Great Grandfather Anton Simon of Moravia

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Anton Simon left Czechoslovakia in 1869 at age 17 along with his younger brother Vincenz.  Father, Anton Simon and Mother, stayed in the old country.  Anton came to Iowa State, USA, married Frantiska Zvacek who was born in Bohemia, village of Telci and came with her family at age 2 years to Iowa, USA, in 1854.  I want to find out where Anton Simon was from and I would welcome meeting any relatives.  One day I would like to visit Anton Simon's home land.



Thank you kindly for your response.  I will delve into church records further.  I do have his Obit but it doesn't mention his origin in Czech.  Another source could be his naturalization record.  So far, I have located his application, but it's a very poor copy and I don't see any record of origin in Czech there.


Don't forget to check the tombstone for the family and other families who attended the church.  Immigration patterns often had multiple families coming from surrounding villages who settled close together in the US.  You may have to research other families to find clues for your family.  Also check the newspaper for articles like the 100 year history of the church.  It might list early settlers.  The township history might be written up and in the Iowa State History Center.  Contact every cousin--I had a lady get back to me saying that part of her family had a falling out 2 generations earlier, but she bit the bullet and contacted them and found a copy of the birth certificate she needed--as well as mending a long broken fence!


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Thank you for your suggestions!  I am pretty sure there was a "cut-off" in this family as they were expected to marry within the ethnic group and my grandmother (Anton's daughter) did not.  Your suggestion of contacting each and every cousin is much appreciated.  


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Keep in mind that the vital information of where in the Czech and Slovak lands an ancestor originated is a fact that can only be determined by records here in the states. You must exhaust every nook and cranny for that puzzle piece. Many times people use familysearch and if there is nothing there to help they give up. The village of origin is often hidden in more obscure places. Check with the church records from the place they settled. There are often biographies written locally and on the county level for the pioneer settlers of an area that might mention the immigrant's origin. Obituaries published in US ethnic newspapers often mention their birthplace. Happy hunting!