town name of Tejkis or Tejkia?

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We are attempting to locate the city that my great great grandfather and grandmother immigrated from in 1905. The Declaration of Intent form is hard to read, and it looks like the town name was spelled slightly different on the same form. Tejkis or Tejkia.

I've been through the current list of towns in Czechoslovakia, and a list of German names for Czech towns. I've also searched the combinations of letters "Tej", "kis", "kia" in the city names. No luck. Currently I'm picking my way through a map from 1935 looking for the anything similar.

Any insights would be appreciated.

Thank you!



Hello Greg,

Please, try to browse through these two books of Fr. Palacky. First one, Popis Kralowstvi Ceskeho from 1845 (CGSI Digital Library), the second one is at the Internet Archive but accessible through CGSI Digital Library, as well,… (letter T starts from page 567). Also a gazetteer of Czechoslovakia from 1951 (CGSI Digital Library) and for Slovakia, search and click at All villages. 

Note: The best would be if I could see the Declaration of Intent you mentioned - just to double check the place name. Or if I know the name of the person. You can also check any other record where the place name could be mentioned, such as the WWI and WWII Draft Registration Card for old men, death certificate, tombstone, obituary (the best if in the native language  newspapers), etc. In addition, MyHeritage, Ancestry, and FamilySearch could have a partial tree of your family line included in their online family trees for double checking your place name. Just an idea.

Thank you.



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Hi Iveta,

We realized today that I hadn't been back to check for replies. We were excited to see your message. Thank you for reaching out with this information. I'll take a look at the resources you provided. If I don't find anything I'll get a copy of the photo. Again, thank you so much for taking the time.