marriage records for Rudoltice 1700's

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Does anyone know where the marriage records are for rudoltice ?

The records I had been directed to, were I direct line thanks for that.  Stay safe and thanks again. 



Hi Belle,

Previous records for Rudoltice might be under Lanskroun. Here might be Marina's name in the Index of Births, please, see for yourself if that is her, under no. 166 (under this number should be her original record), born in 1763 (Note: there are many people with surname Janisch). v….

This way, you can check other names under Lanskroun, as well, and after checking first the Indexes, then it should be easier to find people in the original records. If you hover the mouse above each description of records under Lanskroun, you will see that Rudoltice as a place, is included. yvegen

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I found the records I was looking for they are a complete match, thanks again, now if I can find records for 1754 down through 1600s. Names include Veronica Fibiger although it looks like Hibiger, and the birth record for Marina Janisch, name also appears as Marie, who married Mathew Springer in 1782. I am a little bit directional lost on these? thank you again Belle.