Albert & Ludmilla Novak

Posted: Sat, 10/17/2009 - 09:00
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Albert & spouse Ludmilla Novak emmigrated to the US in 1880. Their oldest son Joseph (my gf) was supposedly born in Wisconsin in 1881 but I cannot find any evidence of that birth. Some years back, I paid a researcher to research Albert and Ludmilla’s homeland via any/all records that could be found but came up with nothing at all. They eventually moved to Canada in 1906. My grandfathers SSA form listed his mothers maiden name as “Milly Wald” or “Wold”.

I have them well documented once in the US but wish to go back in time and learn more about them.

A very aged uncle of mine says they were from Ceska Lipa (sp.?)

Any and all suggestions and pointers welcome!


Mark could Novak have been cut short upon entering the US? Could the real name be Novotny? There are a lot of Novotny’s from the Czech Republic and many changed their names or had it shortened.