Searching for a private guide and ancestry research help

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My family and I are travelling to Slovakia in a few weeks as part of a heritage trip to visit my great-grandmother's birthplace. I'm looking for a guide to assist us when we visit and also ideally to help look up some additional information prior to our arrival. I have the information regarding the town she was baptized in and the date, but am hitting a wall there. She is from Turzovka, Cadca, Slovakia. Any recommendations on someone to contact in that area who could help us either in advance, or serve as a guide for a day while there? Thanks!






Could any of these travel guides and genealogists, listed on the CGSI website, help you? Otherwise, you could try to contact the City Hall and Parish office in Turzovka, before you go. They also might connect you with a local historian. Here is a website of Turzovka (you can click with a right clicking for the Translate to English option (Google) I would also recommend to stop at the Tourist Info Center (TIK - Turisticka Informacna Kancelaria), such as the Informacne centrum mesta Cadca, here is listed their email and FB presence (to write them a private message through FB) The The Tourist Info Centrum in Zilina (TIK) may be of help for the whole Kysuce region. Feel free to ask any other questions you may have. Thank you. yvegen