Slovak citizenship law

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Greetings. I would like to connect with someone who knows about the recent revisions to the citizenship law in Slovakia. I have a basic understanding of it, and think that I may fall into a gray area of the law. I am trying to determine whether I am eligible, and if so, how difficult it would be to find the necessary documents and make the application. Thank you. 



My understanding is if someone has a grandparent or great grandparent

from Slovakia, it's now possible to be a dual citizen. I have been collecting

documents for several months now. I still need the most important one(s) -

my grandparents birth records from 1896 + 1897 in Lysa pod Makytou. I

am pretty sure I will have to go to Slovakia in person. I will let you know as

I find out more information. There are checklists if you search law firms for

hire Slovakia citizenship. Hope this helps.