Looking for Tretina relatives

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I'm looking for Slovak relatives of the Tretina family. Some of them immigrated to the USA between 1900 - 1910 and we have very little knowledge of any relatives before that event. Other relevant names are Tabak, Skorvanek and Zuzik. 

Kyle Tretina - 77 Bonair Street 3R, Somerville, MA 02145


Hello Kyle, If you are not attending the CGSI Conference this October in WI, then I am inviting you to join us at the virtual CGSI quarterly discussion group meeting on Nov 4, 2023, which is Saturday, at 1:00 PM CT.

It is a platform where you can tell us more, where you are stuck, and we will give you some suggestions (check for the Zoom link under News and Events in a few days). You may also watch various presentations (How to..) at CGSI Digital Library through the time being. Thank you. Ivet