Bartolomej Tuma from Hurky in Southern Bohemia, 1701

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I have found so many dna matched cousins who have Czech ancestry whose ancestors settled near New Prague, MN in 19th century.  Many of these dna matched cousins have Czech ancestry that can be traced back to Bartolomej Tuma, 1701, through his son Matej, 1744, or his daughters Veronika or Helen.  I am not from MN nor do I have any ancestors from MN...but I can trace my Tuma lineage back to Bartolomej Tuma, 1701.  My question is do any other folks with Czech ancestry find that they are related to everyone in New Prague after taking a dna test?



Please let me join the family circle!  My 5th great grand aunt, Katerina Biczek (nebo Rezik) was married to Bartholomej Tuma.  I have a fair amount of information in my database on the family, but I know it is incomplete and would love to share and compare.  Afterall....CGSI is about Learning, Sharing and Connecting!  Here's a prime example.

Hi Darcy!  I think we have messaged each other on Ancestry.  We share bits of DNA through Tuma ancestry.  I have many Mracek cousins around Mn.  My great grandfather lived there for a few years before pushing on to Saskatchewan.  His brother (Mrachek) and cousin (Mracek) settled there in the late 1800's.  I think you have relatives in ND.  I do as well.  Mine are Urbans originally, but now are Hodney and Vavrosky.  They live in and around Lankin.

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Bill Mracek

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Hi Bill,  Thank you for explaining the variations in spelling of your surname...I have often wondered.  I do have Czech ancestors who lived in Stark County, ND.  There were not many Czechs from Bohemia who settled in Stark County, but there was a large group of Czechs from Ukraine who settled in that part of the State.  As far as I can tell, my Czech ancestors were not related to the Czechs from Ukraine because the folks from Ukraine were originally from Eastern regions of Czech lands.  My Czech ancestors were from the South Region of so many of the Czechs who settled in the 'Bohemian Triangle' of MN.

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Darcy Tuma

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