Seigniorial Registers of the South Bohemian Region

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In researching Seigniorial Registers from the Trebon Estate books, I keep coming across an "Omega" symbol next to some women's names in the registers. Sometimes up to 4 symbols in a row. Does anyone know what these symbols represent?

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According to Richard D' Amelio, Village Headsman were tasked by the manorial authority to monitor and report on varied crimes including morality crimes. The Omega, or horseshoe symbol, indicated a fornicator.

The symbol also shows up in land registers, as in the below link where Ludmilla is an unmarried mother.

Richard D' Amelio has indicated to me that the omega, or horseshoe symbol indicates a fornicator. He notes that the village headsman was an observer for the manorial authority tasked with monitoring and reporting morality crimes--fornicators, among other matters.  The symbol is  also in the land registers, as shown in the below link, where Ludmilla was an unmarried mother.