Czech Newspapers of the 1800s in the US

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I am unable to unearth information about my great grandfathe who came from somewhere in Bohemia in the late 1800s.  He lived in Chicago then Iowa, and maybe before Chicago elsewhere.  I know that he was an avid reader of a Czech newspaper  I don't know which.  But I was hoping to find a database for these early papers,  probably out of the midwest, to see if his name was ever included in it.  Any ideas on these publications?  I don't know if they were considered newspapers or what else.  If you know anything about this subject,  please share.

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I was given the suggestion of looking into Hospodar for any information about my great-grandmother who settles in Fayette County, Texas. I don't know where to begin to look. She came to Texas in 1883 through Galveston. I know information once she arrived here but have hit a brick wall on finding any information prior to here coming. If only I could find out where she came from-parents, village, siblings, I could continue my family tree.

I would recommend checking the obituary index of Denni Hlasatel that was printed in Chicago. Whereas it is a long shot that his obituary would have been in a Chicago newspaper when he no longer lived there, it is an easy thing to try. Contact me at info,


Hello Catherine,

Many Czech titles were published in the US, and some are accessible free online at Chronicling America, LOC, such as some issues of Hlasatel, Denni or Tydenni Hlasatel (Daily or Weekly Herald), published in Chicago, ILL. When downloaded, can be searchable by name or keyword. The CGSI has digitized Hospodar newspaper (under Digital Library), those were published in Omaha, NE, and the February issues were the best for learning about families. The readers submitted their detailed life stories - enjoyable and interesting reading (see my blog about Hospodar on CGSI website). In addition, the Czech Kramerius (Czech Digital Library) has some of these newspapers online (Pokrok Zapadu, Kvety americke, and others) here Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions. yvegen