Háje/Příbram online resources for 1800s

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I was looking for what resources are available to search records online for ancestors who supposedly lived in Haje.  I have some pieces of information of one who was born around 1881-1883 there and their family had a farm.

Randy Skopecek


Also, here is a link to the Cadastral tax map for Háje, near Příbram that originally dates back to 1839.

Wait for the image to load (sometimes it loads slowly). Then zoom in until you can see the house numbers in the village areas and land plot numbers.  Cadastral tax maps for some villages include names on the parcels, but this one does not. After you locate a family member entry in the parish records (see my prior comment about accessing the online parish records for Háje), make sure to note the house number. Then you can look for that house (and matching land plot) number on this Cadastral tax map. You can also right-click in certain places on the archive site and select "translate to English".  Also click on "Legend to the map."  Pat indicates there are parish records for Háje/Příbram in the online Prague Regional Archives. Log in to (Create a free account if you don't already have one.) Then select SEARCH > RESEARCH WIKI > GUIDED RESEARCH > CZECHIA > I KNOW THE TOWN > H > Scroll down the list to the Háje entry that shows the Judicial District as Příbram. Then click on the PRAGUE REGIONAL ARCHIVES link. 

Or here is a direct link to the archive:

In the archive search window enter Háje. Then select Háje - district Příbram and click on SEARCH. Scroll down the results to select the correct parish record book. For example, Slivice book 31 births 1879-1897 includes Háje. Slivice book 32 is marriages. (etc.) Sometimes there are also indexes.  Pat