seeking Hamsa family background

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I’ve had trouble tracing my Hamsa family back to Bohemia. I have Josef Hamsa born 1842 in Nasavrky, east Bohemia and that’s pretty certain. He died in Abie, Butler Co. NE in 1884. Can’t get any farther back though. Actapublica is hard to use for non Czechs. Would appreciate any info



Some of these are online. I have a little experience as that is where my Srameks are from, as well as one line of a friend for whom I am researching. (Their great great grandmother lived across the pond from mine, so I accidentally got a picture of where their house stood when we visited in 2010). Oddly enough, SOME of the villages in the region are in the Praha (Prague) archives. I’ll see if Nasavrky is in Praha.

Nasavrky, Habry, Caslav (as per the Marge Sobotka book) is not found on Acta Publica (Brno Archives). The records for Nasavrky are held at the Zamrsk Archives and are being digitized on

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