Slovak citizenship law

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Greetings. I would like to connect with someone who knows about the recent revisions to the citizenship law in Slovakia. I have a basic understanding of it, and think that I may fall into a gray area of the law. I am trying to determine whether I am eligible, and if so, how difficult it would be to find the necessary documents and make the application. Thank you. 



You may find it helpful to join this Facebook group.


There is a lot of information shared about both the Slovak Living Abroad certificate and Citizenship by Descent. You'll find details about documents and how to obtain them, the process of applying and people's personal experience with the various government entities.


For me it was disappointing that my great-grandfather came over to the US too early so I was ineligible for CBD. Basically your ancestor had to be a Czechoslovak citizen. I opted to pursue the SLA certificate.

My understanding is if someone has a grandparent or great grandparent

from Slovakia, it's now possible to be a dual citizen. I have been collecting

documents for several months now. I still need the most important one(s) -

my grandparents birth records from 1896 + 1897 in Lysa pod Makytou. I

am pretty sure I will have to go to Slovakia in person. I will let you know as

I find out more information. There are checklists if you search law firms for

hire Slovakia citizenship. Hope this helps.