CGSI Online Store Temporarily Suspends Sale of Physical Merchandise, 27 March 2020

In accordance with the Shelter-in-Place Order for the state of Minnesota, CGSI has suspended the sale of physical merchandise from our online store due to COVID-19. We will continue to process transactions related to memberships, gift certificates, and research services. Thank you for your understanding and stay healthy!

The CGSI store contains a large variety of product items, some purchased from the Czech and Slovak Republics, some from U.S. publishers and a few self published by CGSI.

U.S.sales: The prices shown in this store include the shipping and handling for addresses within the

U.S. Foreign Membership/Renewals: Foreign memberships/renewals may be purchased online.

Foreign Sales: We regret that we are not able to accept merchandise sales orders for addresses outside the US. This is due to high delivery costs and other considerations such as insurance and shipping requirements. These costs can easily double the cost of the merchandise. If there is a special request or circumstance, please e-mail questions to "sales"

Credit Cards: Please note that we accept Paypal, American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards.

Product Categories: Here is a list of the product categories and a general description. Each product has additional descriptive information.

  • Books – includes the following subcategories:
  1. Arts, Folk and Music
  2. Cookbooks and Recipes
  3. Fables and Legends
  4. Genealogy Research
  5. History – includes Czech and Slovak history, both US and Czech/Slovak lands
  6. Other - currently there are no books in this category
  7. Travel – guide books, travel documentaries on CDs
  • Language Material – includes Czech and Slovak dictionaries, phrasebooks, and language CDs, and German script guide.
  • Maps and Atlases
    1. Detailed hiking maps of the Czech and Slovak Republics that each cover small sections of the countries, coverage on a scale of 1:50000. Order based on towns of interest. We have identified a few of the larger towns shown on each of the maps to help you select.
    2. Czech Republic and Slovak Republic country map shows the entire country on one map.
    3. Auto atlases of the Czech and Slovak Republics with all town/village index and postal codes.
  • Nase rodina quarterly – all back issues of the CGSI’s quarterly are available for purchase, beginning with the first issue published in spring of 1989. There were 3 issues that first year, followed by 4 issues each year thereafter. Beginning with the Fall 1993 issue, Volume 5 Number 4 the issue’s content is centered around a preselected theme.
  • Rocenka Yearbooks – the Rocenka was developed back in 1991 as a vehicle to publish longer, scholarly papers written by historians and/or genealogists. We published Rocenka on an every other year cycle between 1992 and 2006. The Rocenka was discontinued after the 2006 issue.
  • Other Products - tote bags, magnetic maps of Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, and Family Group Sheets and 4 Generation Ancestor Charts in Czech and Slovak.
  • Shirts – CGSI has a wide variety of ethnic shirts, some with graphics designed by CGSI and others purchased through third parties. These help to spread the word about our Czech and Slovak ethnic group among others. Prices all reflect shipping charges.
  • Gift Membership – CGSI offers gift certificates for sale in the value of the cost of certain membership rates. Help get others interested in their ethnic heritage by giving a certificate as a gift.
  • Research Services - Library research services performed by CGSI volunteers can now be paid for by CGSI members or non-members using a credit card.