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History of Czechs in America

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Jan Habenicht

This valuable resource book was written by Dr. Jan Habenicht of Chicago, and published in the Czech language as Dějiny Čechův Amerických by the Hlas Publishing company in St. Louis, Missouri in 1910. The research of Dr. Habenicht included extensive travel across the entire United States and writing thousands of letters. It was translated into English by Dr. Miroslav Koudelka, a member of CGSI, and edited and arranged by Paul M. Makousky, Publication Chair of CGSI.

Additions to the book include an index to the illustrations (276 of them), a foreword to the English edition by Paul M. Makousky, a list of the Czech fraternal organizations (Appendix II), maps of the 14 states with the largest Czech populations (Appendix I), a complete surname index (over 2,400 names), a geographical name index, and a biography of the author.

Even if you don't find your family name(s) in this book, it is very valuable in describing the living conditions and experiences of our Czech forbearers from the mid-1800s to 1910. This book provides the most extensive description of Czech life; in religion, among fraternal organizations, in the press, in theater, and in the struggle for maintaining the Czech heritage versus becoming part of the American melting pot. An index listing all surnames in History of Czechs in America was added as a feature to the English edition.

Publisher:  Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International; 2nd edition (January 1, 2015)
Language:  English
Paperback:  595 pages
ISBN-10:  0965193241
ISBN-13:  978-0965193245