"Is there something like newspapers.com but for Czech/Slovak research?"

Authored on
January 5, 2021

One of the best online resources for all things Czech genealogy is the Czech Genealogy Facebook group. This is a site managed by professional genealogists Blanka Lednická, Michaela Horňáková, Monika Jáchimová, and Gabriela Vcislo. Check out their blogs where you can contact them for their professional services directly, or try asking the question to more than 8,000 active members. I have had much good success interacting with people there. 

An interesting question was asked there today, and Michaela pointed out a really great resource which I think deserves to be highlighted again.

"Is there something like newspapers.com but for Czech/Slovak research?" 

The answer is: yes! 


Digitální knihovna, or The Digital Library, is an online portal with access to multiple archives and libraries on the national and regional level. Click the top right corner to switch to English (but don't get discouraged if not much changes; if you struggle to navigate it, reach out for help! Many people are willing to help you, and trust me, Czech is just really hard; people will understand). 

Switch to English on digitalní knihovna site


When I searched for the village of "Rožnov" I found this lovely ca 1900-1901 photo with the mountain Radhošť in the background, which you can access here.

Rožnov s Radhoštěm

The site also has lots of books, newspaper articles, and photos. You might need to brush off your German; chances are that when viewing records from the 19th century for this part of the world, you'll run into it. 

What a great resource! We should take advantage of it!

Czech Digital Library