Names of towns in Czechoslovakia where parents and grandparents were born?

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Jan Belej need to know who his parents were. His passport picture shows him in a military clothes, what war was he in. Was born in1896, Aug. 6. Birthplace, Loyalhanna, PA. Parents returned to the old country when he was just a small child. Do not know name of place of their return to the old country. Is there an address that I might be able to write for some answers? Any web site?? Jan (24 yrs old)returned to USA to Ellis Island , with Anna Sabo, his wife of 17 years , in 1920!! Could either embassy, Czechoslovakia, or Slovakia have any information about the passport?? Thank you for any assistance in this request of mine, it will be greatly appreciated!!!


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I am researching my Bohermian grandfather’s family with the goal of finding where in the province of Bohemia they came from. What I know to date: The family Kus/Kuss (and at least 14 other variations in the records) arrived in N. Y. on thye Atlantis June, 1862. The arrivals were: Albert 50, Johann 24, Adalbert 18, Matthias 16, Anna 24, Johanna 5. They state their destination as St. John. I do not know the relationship between Albert, age 50, and the younger members of the family, but I believe that Johann (John), Adalbert (Albert) Matthias, and Anna were siblings. On the marriage certificates these four state that their father was Bernard Kus and their mother was Frances (except for Anna, who lists her mother as Catherine.) I do not know if the family ever traveled to St. John. However, I have found them in the records as follows—Albert purchased a piece of land in Bohermia, Long Island, New York in September/October of 1862. In the deed it is stated that he is from Boston, Massachusetts, although I have found no record of him for this date. He shows up first in 1869 when he married Mary Stocher of Bohemia. In 1870 he is listed in the East Boston, Mass. US Census with his father Bernard, age 80. In 1873, Bernard conveys to his sons Albert and Matthias twenty acres of land in Bohemia, (the village of Trebon) Long Island (abutting land purchased by Albert in 1862). I found that Bernard (Bernhardt)aquired this land on July 4, 1864. After these two references, there is no further record of Bernard. I cannot find when he arrived in the US, nor any death record. Albert & his family moved to Johnson County, Iowa sometime between 1876 & 1878; Mathias (my great grandfather) married and died in Massachusetts in 1878, John lived in Boston, married, moved to New York, may have lived in Iowa, and died in Boston, Massachusetts in 1896,where he is buried. Anna married Matthew Prarost of Behemia in Massachusetts in 1865 and may have moved to Texas. Was Bernard the member of my grandfather’s family who (According to my g“father did not want to die here among strangers, and who traveled back to Bohemia?) Is there anyone else researching this Family name? Can anyone suggest where this family lived in Bohemia, Czechia in 1860? Thank you. Marye Dorion

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If your ancestor was born in 1896, returned to AUSTRIAHUNGARY—-remember there was no Czechslovakia until after WWI— and is shown in uniform, he probably fought in WWI for Austria-Hungary. There is an archive of Austrian military records. I do not have the address at this time, but you can locate them on the internet. They should be able the tell you the village from which your ancester was drafted/recruited.