Catholic Parish Czech record, column heading in German--translation please

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Hello, I am a new member to CGSI.

In Zamrsk archive for years 1828-1836 (8775 sign. 303 matrika N 1828-1836 ukn 8775), Image #234 as an example has a secondary column heading in German (Stanb.?). It is placed next to Name. What is the translation and/or meaning of this abbreviation?

Zamrsk database accessed: (odkaz ke stažení)

I couldn't see how to attach the Image but can easily do with a reply outside of this message board. Thank you for any assistance.



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Hello All: Does CGSI have a listing of genealogists who conduct family research? As I stated in the blog, I am at the point now in my ancestry where Czech records have converted to German, and I will need to hire an individual who has experience in examining Czech archives, reading both Czech and German. Thank you for any suggestions on how to proceed.

Hello Gaye,

First, welcome to CGSI. The Stand means a status or occupation. It is the status of the godparents (Pathen), for example a widower, wife of.., etc. or any occupation. Iveta B


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The Zamrsk Catholic Parish records that are in German, albeit with indexes, are difficult for me to view and translate. I need to seek assistance in examining them to search for my Czech family in the early 1800's and 1700's.