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Display of Naše rodina covers

The Naše rodina & Ročenka Index

Feedback consistently shows that CGSI members consider the quarterly journal Naše rodina (Our Family) as one of the most valued benefits of membership.…
Portrait of all six Hurbanis brothers

An Original Cut and Paste

Early 20th-century photographic technology to unite brothers in a unique way.
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Czech Hiking Map sample

Village of Origin for Josef Kubeš

A village of origin post in which I don’t solve the guy’s village of origin is a little bit, well, lame. But the journey is really fun, and that’s what I want to write about today.
bowl of goulash


It's basically a comfort food - beef doused in a rich, hearty sauce. It's usually served with dumplings, or knedlíky...
bread shovel from the Podbrdské muzeum

Bread Shovels

These are lopaty sazení chleba, or "bread shovels" from the Podbrdské Muzeum. Our ancestors would have used these to take the large, round loaves out of the hot ovens without burning themselves.
Collage of photographs

Contribute to the CGSI Blog

This blog aims to be a repository of posts from a variety of people on a wide range of topics having to do with the cultural heritage of the Czech and Slovak lands. We welcome your contributions, big…
Future home of the Slovak Museum of Emigration

A house of dreams: Plans unfold for an emigration museum in Slovakia

Dr. Martin Javor wants to build a world-class museum in the village of Ťahyňa to take his countrymen on a journey across time and space. 
Naše rodina 1990 cover

Thirty Years Ago: a peak on the shelf of Naše rodina

One of the primary benefits to being a member of CGSI is that it gives you access to 30+ years of Naše rodina articles in searchable PDF…

Marak Family History

Frantisek (Frank) Marak was a peasant farmer in Moravia. He was born in Horni Sklenov, but may have moved later to a village called Ticha. The towns are only 3 or 4 miles apart, so who knows. Frank…
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