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sometimes spelled Fulyer looking for any information on Imerch and Dorothea Fuljer and their children, in particular my grandmother Agnes, born in Dhle Pole 1891 later immigrated to Canada

Contact: Shelley Bannister , ,

Posted: 03/03/2016


looking for information about this family Jan Blasko and his wife Teresa Yavorik and their sons Joseph, Faoro or Frank and Lous Joseph born in Chumecz 1893 and later immigrated to Canada in 1923 Joseph married Agnes Fuljer in 1919 in Dhle Pole

Contact: Shelley Bannister , ,

Posted: 03/03/2016

STREJC, Tikal(a), Maxa, Kalas

Am researching the Strejc family, and related families from the Cervene Porici and Svihov areas in western Bohemia. I have detailed info on these families from the mid-1700's thru the late 1800's which I'm willing to share. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Bill Streitz caibill@cox.net

Contact: Bill Streitz , ,

Posted: 01/24/2016


Born 07 Sep 1888 in Velke Slemence now in Slovakia/Ukraine. Family lived in Ladmovce in 1914. Father: Janos Jarcso. Came to U.S. in 1907 & 1912. Lived in Toledo, Oh. Died in 1933.

Contact: Mead , ,

Posted: 01/09/2016

South Bohemia

Ancestry in South Bohemia? Info and research aids on http://www.oxfordjctgenealogy.com where you can ask for a monthly newsletter for Czech research. JudyNelson08@gmail.com

Contact: Judy Nelson 10265 Ulmerton Rd #123 , Largo , FL 33771

Posted: 01/03/2016

Oxford Jct. IA

Should you have ancestry at Oxford Jct. IA, you're in luck as O.J. welcomes and assists genealogists. Contact Rita Balichek rjb2749@hotmail.com

Contact: Judy Nelson 10265 Ulmerton Rd #123 , Largo , FL 33771

Posted: 09/19/2015

pazel aka pazl

looking for brothers of Joseph Pazel(Pazl, Pozl) who emigrated from Merklin, Bohemia, Cz. Joseph settled near Forest City, Pa and I believe he may have had brothers living in the area. Joseph was born on march 17, 1863 & died in 1941. He had a sister, Mary Matousek, living on a neighboring farm to his. She emigrated in 1908.

Contact: Jo Ann Pazel-Hazard 115 Proctor Rd , Eldred , NY 12732

Posted: 09/14/2015

Kocurek or Koczurek likely in Slovakia

Can anyone help me with what appears to be a puzzle with the old Slovak or Hungarian County names? I am using FamilySearch.org; Slovakia; Slovakia, Church and Synagogue Books, 1592-1910 and Slovakia, Census, 1869. The Slovakia Church and Synagogue Books list many more counties than what seem to have actually existed. In fact it appears that many of the places listed as Counties in The Church & Synagogue Books are actually only villages. The reason I am trying to make sense of this is to try and correlate records between the Church Books and The Census Records. I am also using the web site of Juraj Cisarik, which was featured in the June 2014 issue of the CGSI journal. Cisarik lists all of the current counties and the old names. These agree with the County names of the Census Records, but not the Church Books which as I stated before, seem to include many village names as Counties. I would appreciate some help in understanding this. You may e-mail me directly at: jllaboss@telus.net Thank you, Jim LaBossiere

Contact: Jim LaBossiere 5887 Stonehaven Drive , Duncan , B.C. V9L0E8

Posted: 08/25/2015

Marie Vanek

Looking for information on My Grandmother's parents, don't have much to go on, just the names off her death certificate. I do not know the location of their birth - their names are Anton Vanek and Mary Smid. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, mom465@outlook.com

Contact: Gail 718 N. Garfield , Lombard , IL 60148

Posted: 04/21/2015


Looking for Information on my gg grandparents Mary Mora-Kala married to Joseph Kala - all I have are their names obtained off my grandfather's death certificate. Please contact me at mom465@outlook.com if you have any information on these folks. Thank you so much

Contact: Gail 718 N. Garfield , Lombard , IL 60148

Posted: 04/19/2015