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Jess - Hvizdak

Seeking information on Alexander Jess (Eli Jusz/Elisa Jus) b. 1867 in Hrusov, Slovakia, d. 1947 Youngstown, Ohio. He married Elizabeth Hvizdak (Alzbeta Hvizdak) around 1890. Elizabeth was born in Hrusov, Slovakia around 1870 and died in Youngstown, Ohio in 1949. They had six daughters: Anna Jess m. Michael Jencovcik (Yenchochik) Mary Jess m. Joseph Mordarsky Susan Jess m. John Soltis Bertha Jess m. John Patrick Elizabeth Jess m. Charles Vano Eleanor Jess m. Joseph Hatala And, two sons: Michael Jess Nicholas Jess

Contact: Kim Wheeler , ,

Posted: 04/14/2016

Sattler, Lederer

I am looking for information on Jewish ancesters with the surname Sattler or Lederer from Cista Rakovnik, Vysoka Libyne, and Plzen areas. Joseph D. Sattler b. 1868, emmigrated to US, d.1916 in Wisconsin. Lived in Duluth, MN, wife Mary Maloney, daughter Marie Sattler. Abraham Sattler b. 1802 d. 1896 wife Theresa Abeles Moises Sattler, wife Katharina Lederer Seligmann Sattler (Plzen possibly) wife Libuscha? Thank you!

Contact: Weezie Urban 13792 Clare Downs Way , Rosemount , Minnesota 55068

Posted: 03/31/2016

Cvechko, Cvecko, Chez

I am looking for any information on families with the Surname Cvechko or Cvecko in hopes it may lead to learning more about Peter Joseph Cvechko or his father Matthew. Pete is believed to have been born abt June 1885 perhaps in St. George (Czechoslovakia). Some of his records state he was born in Austria. In his teens, Pete worked under his father Matthew as a game warden or similar. Matthew Cvechko worked as an oversee of lands for a wealthy family or in some such capacity. I wonder if he may have worked at the St. George Forest perhaps for the Thurn-Taxis aristocracy (I don't know much of this history). Pete came to America between 1909-1914 entering into the US through northern New York. As far as we know, no other family members came to America and he had no contact with them. Peter married Mary Magdeline Chez perhaps born Sept 1895 in Austria. It is believed they dated or married before Peter left for America and she then joined him. Family members say Mary often spoke of Karlovy Vary which I believe is now in West Bohemia, Czech Republic. Some of the dates don't quite make sense. The first information for Pete & Mary which I do know is correct is that they were in Fayette Co, Pa in 1915 when their first child was born.

Contact: Vec101 , ,

Posted: 03/16/2016


sometimes spelled Fulyer looking for any information on Imerch and Dorothea Fuljer and their children, in particular my grandmother Agnes, born in Dhle Pole 1891 later immigrated to Canada

Contact: Shelley Bannister , ,

Posted: 03/03/2016


looking for information about this family Jan Blasko and his wife Teresa Yavorik and their sons Joseph, Faoro or Frank and Lous Joseph born in Chumecz 1893 and later immigrated to Canada in 1923 Joseph married Agnes Fuljer in 1919 in Dhle Pole

Contact: Shelley Bannister , ,

Posted: 03/03/2016

STREJC, Tikal(a), Maxa, Kalas

Am researching the Strejc family, and related families from the Cervene Porici and Svihov areas in western Bohemia. I have detailed info on these families from the mid-1700's thru the late 1800's which I'm willing to share. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Bill Streitz caibill@cox.net

Contact: Bill Streitz , ,

Posted: 01/24/2016


Born 07 Sep 1888 in Velke Slemence now in Slovakia/Ukraine. Family lived in Ladmovce in 1914. Father: Janos Jarcso. Came to U.S. in 1907 & 1912. Lived in Toledo, Oh. Died in 1933.

Contact: Mead , ,

Posted: 01/09/2016

South Bohemia

Ancestry in South Bohemia? Info and research aids on http://www.oxfordjctgenealogy.com where you can ask for a monthly newsletter for Czech research. JudyNelson08@gmail.com

Contact: Judy Nelson 10265 Ulmerton Rd #123 , Largo , FL 33771

Posted: 01/03/2016

Oxford Jct. IA

Should you have ancestry at Oxford Jct. IA, you're in luck as O.J. welcomes and assists genealogists. Contact Rita Balichek rjb2749@hotmail.com

Contact: Judy Nelson 10265 Ulmerton Rd #123 , Largo , FL 33771

Posted: 09/19/2015

pazel aka pazl

looking for brothers of Joseph Pazel(Pazl, Pozl) who emigrated from Merklin, Bohemia, Cz. Joseph settled near Forest City, Pa and I believe he may have had brothers living in the area. Joseph was born on march 17, 1863 & died in 1941. He had a sister, Mary Matousek, living on a neighboring farm to his. She emigrated in 1908.

Contact: Jo Ann Pazel-Hazard 115 Proctor Rd , Eldred , NY 12732

Posted: 09/14/2015